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3 YouTubers you should check if you are a music producer

How to Make Music: 3 YouTubers that can help you start making music

Written by Bendegúz Rendes


We are so lucky that we can learn almost everything about music production for free online. and there are some guys that you may hear about but who knows, maybe some of them will be new to you so we collected a few for you in a series of articles. Featuring Husman, Olly James, and R3SPAWN.


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Maybe you have seen all the tutorials named "How to make bigroom banger" etc. but if you want to bring your production to the next level, learn some advanced mixing & writing skills.
Husman is a great answer for that, you can really learn how less can be more!

Easy to watch and follow, well-edited videos mostly oriented to bigroom, trance and cinematic.

Here is a pretty helpfull one if you want to learn how to nail the supersaws every time : ​

SUPERSAWS!! - Tutorial Thursday #4

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Olly James


Started with a walkthrough, then continued doing more in a tutorial series called "Walkthrough Wednesday" Basically doesn't matter what your style is, you can still learn about basic elements and mixing of EDM, and how to be creative, not generic.

Basically, he is the king of showing, how to make a sick drop without using 8 layers of lead. Both creative and technical.

Here is a good one: 

Walkthrough Wednesday Episode 6: 'What can I do with limited resources on FL?



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Finished a track--> export---> SoundCloud and boom your track sounds like garbage.
If you feel you are that guy, then we know the way for the solution!

R3SPAWN got some videos that can show and teach you, how to make your track sound nice, balanced and of course a banger!

Really showing how to get from drops like 1 kick + 1 lead to a full serious masterpiece! Here is one about making your drop sound full: 



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