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3 YouTubers you should check if you are a music producer

Written by Bendegúz Rendes


How to Make Music: 3 YouTubers that can help you start making music today.

Today we gonna take a walk on the DIY and experimental side of the musical road. It's not always easy to find unique sounds, so it's a good idea to do some crazy stuff with those soundwaves and frequencies, if you want to know how you can do that, we listed some amazing sources of creativity here.





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Basically, he is the definition of nowaday's crazy guy who creates the most unique synths. Literally, he can circuit bend anything that he touches! He made music with several things than not meant to be an instrument, like gameboys Furbys and tons of other stuff. But the coolest thing on his youtube channel is a tutorial series that shows you how to build your own modular synth, oscillators, filters, envelope generators and so on. Here is one very simple project to build your oscillator to make some nice 100% analog sounds:

The simplest DIY audio oscillator? not a 555 chip. reverse avalanche

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*Picture of Simon The Magpie 

Simon The Magpie 


You still want some more craziness and you are wondering about how a dropped or burning piano would sound like Simon has the answer for you!

He also has cool video series like Piezo Element Everything, Effect Pedal Everything and Sends It Bend It just to name a few.  And he mentions the key to produce music: You don't need expensive gear! I think you will enjoy his videos, 100% fun and burping & farting like a man! :D Here is one about how to add the output to anything you want

Audio Output Anything



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You get goosebumps when you see vintage, tape and analog gear or you just wanna chill and watch interesting music-related videos? Heimbach's mostly ambient experimental videos are made for you! Perfect for finding some inspiration to do some crazy stuff and to take a break and relax your mind during a long mixing session of your new track. After his videos, no question, you will search for your father's old cassette recorder and gonna make some tape loops. Here is one about an amazing ambient installation: 

World Gang's Tape Tipi | a musical tape loop installation


Bendegúz Rendes Artists, Out Now Music Lab Writer.

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Bendegúz Rendes

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