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​Exclusive interview with Cat Dealers 

Formed by the brothers Lugui and Pedrão, Cat Dealers consolidates among the three largest DJs / Producers in Brazil and represents today one of the biggest names in the national electronic scene. The duo was chosen in 2018 number 48 in the Top 100 of the biggest DJs in the world by the British magazine DJ Mag, climbing 26 positions of its placement of the previous year.


Cat Dealers has the second largest channel of the Brazilian electronic scene on Youtube, with over 618,000 subscribers and more than 202 million views. They also have millions of more plays on their Soundcloud, Spotify, Deezer, and other streaming platforms.


In Brazil, the duo is an attraction of major festivals such as Lollapalooza 2018, Rock In Rio, Ultra Brasil, Festival of Barretos 2018 and electronic parties like Kaballah, Só Track Boa and Rio Music Carnival. In 2018, Cat Dealers was a special guest on the Shakira tour in Brazil, opening their shows in São Paulo and Porto Alegre, and ended the year as one of the main attractions of Copacabana's New Year's Eve, playing for more than 1 million people, audience. Already in early 2019, they were present on TV Globo, playing live at one of the parties at the home of Big Brother Brazil.

brunno rangel

Where are you from?

We’re from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, born and raised.


When did you start making music? 

We’ve always been into music, we grew up fascinated by it, especially electronic music. 


How do you describe your music? 

We’re not sure how to describe it hahaha! When we started we used to call it Cat House, because we were inspired by

many styles. We’re influenced by a lot of different sounds, depending on what we’re listening to.

cat dealers 

Favorite moment from your career? 

There are so many! We played some great gigs to amazing crowds that we’ll remember forever, including at some festivals we’ve always dreamed of playing, like Lollapalooza and Rock in Rio (that we’ll play again this year), Medusa Festival in Spain and most recently S2O Songkran Music Festival. We also have the chance to travel around the world and get to know so many amazing places on our international tours. We’ve already played in all five continents now and got to know so many awesome people and cultures. Another moment that we have to mention is being elected #48 at DJ Mag’s Top 100 world DJs last year. We were over the moon!

Who is your biggest musical inspiration? 

We have lots of inspirations! We admire so many artists, not only in electronic music, and we’re always trying to learn from them. One that definitely has to be mentioned is Skrillex. We’ve been his fans since forever and we always keep an eye on what he’s doing.


What is your producing software? 

Ableton Live


cat dealers 

What other things do you do besides making music?

We’re constantly on the road, touring around the world, and we’re really thankful for that but when we get some free time, we really enjoy spending it with our family and friends, that we don’t get to see as much as we wish we could. We also enjoy watching some series and playing some online games haha.

What is your favorite track of all time? 

That’s a hard question because it really depends on the moment and in what mood we’re in haha but it probably would be Foo Fighters - “Stranger Things Have Happened”.

What is your best-producing tip?  

Keep it simple. Don’t try to add a bunch of stuff. Less is more.

Why did you start making music?  

We’ve been involved with music since we were kids. Lugui’s been interested in electronic music since he was about 9 years old and I (Pedrão) started playing the drums back in 2002. So we developed our love for production as we grew up and started to look up more about it.


What are your goals for the future? 

To keep producing music that we love and to get the chance to play all around the world. Maybe some new collabs too, that would be great, meet new people, learn new things that would help us to grow as artists.

cat dealers 

What advice can you give for the young music producers/DJs: 

Probably to study and never to give up. If it’s really what you love, then go for it! It’s not always gonna be easy, people will call you crazy haha, but you’ve got to believe in yourself and never stop searching and learning more about production and about what’s going on around the world in music.

How was it to perform at such a unique event where the whole crowd is showered with water:

It was one of the best! We love playing festivals and it was our first time at S2O. We don’t see how it could have been better, the energy of the crowd was so amazing and we really loved everything about it!

What was the best memory from your set?

Definitely the end of our set! The crowd was super energetic the entire time and when we finished our set they were still dancing and shouting and very excited. That was a really special moment for us. We were really, really happy!

cat dealers 

Can you describe the Thai audience in a few words?

It was the very first time we played in Thailand and it exceeded all our expectations! The crowd really gets into the music and at the moment of the gig, so it’s an awesome experience playing to such a passionate audience.

What are your upcoming gigs?

We have some great gigs coming up! We’re gonna continue with our international tour this year and also play back home in Brazil. We’re going everywhere hopefully, but we already have a few gigs scheduled in Portugal, Italy, Ireland and so many other places we can’t tell right now, but we’ll be able to real soon! Also in the second semester, we’re even playing Rock in Rio, in Rio de Janeiro, one of the biggest music festivals in the world that happens to be in our hometown, so that’s really something we’re looking forward to.

Can you tell about your next music releases?

We just released our track “So Sexy” a collab with Artelax and our next big single already have a release date, it’s a collaboration with Goldfish called “Colours & Lights” and will be out on June 14th.  We’ve been working on a lot of new stuff that we’re really excited about to share with everyone. You can expect some new music coming out this year!

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