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Exclusive Interview With Australian heavy electronic dub style Artist Dub FX

Dub FX

Dub FX is a street performer, recording artist and producer famous for creating intricate and impressive tracks entirely on his own.

Over the last thirteen years, Dub FX has released six records, sold over 150,000 albums, headlined major festivals, racked up over 200 million collective YouTube views, and built an imposing social media presence all without ever being played on commercial radio or TV.

Where are you from?

I'm half Italian half Australian but belong nowhere…

Tell us about your new upcoming album 'ROOTS', how was the work on it, 

who were the people who contributed to the album and what is the story behind it?

I made the album in my home studio in Melbourne Australia. This is my fifth self produced studio album, so I've learned a lot over the years. I played all the guitars, wrote and sung all the vocals, programmed most of the drums, bass, and keys, but for some tracks, I brought in musicians that I've been working with for the last ten years for that extra inspiration. I especially loved working with a brass section today to get that extra magic on the tracks.

Tell us about the moment you realised you were a rising star in the field.

To be honest, my career has been a slow and steady rise from the beginning. From the moment I started Street performing, I was selling up to 100 CDs a day, and then people started filming me and putting it on youtube. Before I knew it, my videos went viral, and I started getting booked to headline huge festivals all over the world. Each year seems to get easier and easier. I'm truly blessed.

Favorite moment from your career?

Robbie William's moshing in the front row of my set was pretty wild to see!

Who were the people who influenced you the most from whom you were inspired?

I've always loved jazz, Cuban, Jamaican, funk style music. I especially love underprivileged artists who sing uplifting self-empowering music.

What other things do you do besides making music?

I'm a father of two children which takes up as much time as I can give... Every spare moment is for them.

Out Now Nightlife

What are your goals for the future?

Keep making music and raise my daughter’s.


Please write a message to your fans.

Stay true, stay positive, be the best version of yourself and never give up.

Listen to Dub FX New Single 'Pull Up' [Listen Here]

Follow Dub FX on Instagram - Here

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