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Exclusive Interview With Rising TikTok Stars Iza and Elle

 Iza and Elle

With More Than 5 Million Followers On TikTok, Iza and Elle are the next rising stars to watch.​

Where are you from?

We are from Stockholm, the capital of Sweden

Tell us how you got into the TikTok Scene, where you got all the ideas for your new videos?

We started on Musically after seeing it on Instagram for about 3.5 years ago and after a while TikTok bought it and we stayed on the platform so our way into TikTok was through Musical.ly. Our ideas come from different stuff, some of them are trends and they are already existing and then we pick the ones that we think looks fun to do. And we also do dances and for that, we take inspiration from all kind of places, it could be a song that we really like and we start from that lyric and make a dance or we have seen some move that we think looks cool and take pieces of that into a dance.

Your breakthrough into the TikTok industry was fast, do you remember the moment you realized you were a rising star in the field?

Yes, we do remember when we got featured the first time, a friend of ours called and told us. We didn’t believe her at first. We were so excited. And after that, we got featured a lot and that’s when it started to grow really fast.

Who is your favorite TikTok artist?

That is a hard question, there are so many accounts that are fun to watch and we like so many so we can not pick just one

Give our audience the best tip of how to make the perfect TikTok Video

We do not think there is a tip to make the perfect TikTok, since there are so many people watching with so many different tastes to what they like to watch. Our best tip is that you do what you like and love and if people like it that is just a plus but the most important part is that you had fun while making it.

What other things do you do besides working on TikTok Videos?

We are active on several social media platforms like Instagram (884K followers) and YouTube (739K) and of course, we are still in school and we are also practicing sports 3-4 times per week, so there is no problem for us with filling the hours of the day

What are your goals for the future?

We love to be able to continue with all our social media platforms and also, we have our own brand that for now sell clothes and jewelry and we would also like to continue to build on that and make it into a clothing brand.

Please write a message to your fans.

We are so happy and overwhelmed over the love and support you all give us, it’s truly amazing. And we just love to hear that so many of you are finding new friendships through us online. That is what we want for everyone to have, amazing “friends all over the world” Kindness is the key. We love you.

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Iza and Elle
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