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Jessica Audiffred on an exclusive interview with Out Now

Jessica Audiffred is a breakthrough talent who's sound has long outgrown Mexico City, the alpha metropolis of her upbringing and rise to prominence.

Establishing her own niche style within the Bass and Trap genre's not only as a legitimate, sought after music producer representing brands such as Pioneer, Beats Audio, Samsung and Monster Products but also as a captivating live performer, moving festival crowds at EDC and Tomorrowland (Mexico) year after year alongside world class acts and relevant talent. In 2016, with great success, Jessica introduced her ‘A Records’ imprint further expressing her concept and discernment for Electronic music. Skrillex & co.’s ’Nest HQ’ celebrated her as a “Tastemaker…soon to be a major staple in the global dance scene”. ‘Your EDM’ has hailed her “the Queen of Mexico’s Trap and Bass scene” and with heavy blog presence Jessica earned the attention of industry giant, Flux Pavilion who went as far as including her in his small list of top global acts for the ‘DJmag’ top 100 - signing her to his label, ’Circus Recordings’ and offering her the opportunity to remix his latest release alongside NGHTMRE, “Feel Your Love”. With an arsenal of bass-heavy releases scheduled for the coming year, Jessica has no intention of slowing down. ‘Run the Trap’ termed 2017 as “Jessica’s breakout year” and 'Audio Femme' listed her as one of the top 10 female acts of the coming year. One thing is certain, Jessica is not just another basic Electronic act but a notable 'threat' on every level.

Where are you from? I'm Jessica Audiffred, a producer from Mexico City, I've been djing for more than 7 years and producing for 6 years now, I have my own label too, its called A Records and I released a lot of Mexican producers and international artists as well


When did you start making music? About 6 years ago


How do you describe your music? I produce dubstep, but the way I describe it is: old vibes dubstep with a lot of skank and melody and so simple that you can actually dance to it, I try to recreate the old vibes in a fresh way with a lot of cool vocals.


Favorite moment from your career? 

Playing EDC Vegas probably or closing Wasteland stage at EDC México

*Photo of Jessica Audiffred

*Photo of jessica audiffred

Who is your biggest musical inspiration? as far as the bass world I think Flux Pavilion, Rusko or Doctor P, but in general, I like Madonna a lot, especially her spiritual phase back in the '90s.


What is your producing software? Ableton Live


What other things do you do besides making music? That's all I do, basically just being in the studio 24x7, I wish my life was more excited but all I do is produce and play gigs, also just be with my dogs and if I have time I like to play Nintendo games.

What is your favorite track of all time? Sky fits Heaven - Madonna

*Photo of jessica audiffred

Jessica Audiffred On a DJ Show with a lot of music fans - Out Now

What is your best-producing tip?  Try as hard as you can to make your songs sound a 100& like you, you can be inspired by a lot of producers but you have to make it sound like your own.

Why did you start making music?  I love djing but there was a part of me that wanted to take the next step and be creative, show the world my ideas and that's when I started to take production classes.

What are your upcoming gigs? May 4- Avant Gardner, New York June 6 and 7 - Stereo Live Dallas and Houston July 13- Arrivals festival, Montreal July 19 - Global Dance Festival, Denver


Jessica Audiffred On a DJ Show with a lot of music fans - Out Now

*Photo of jessica audiffred

What are your goals for the future? I always live in the present, no goals for me, just hard work.


What advice can you give for the young music producers/DJs:

Try to learn how to produce, how to play an instrument, prepare yourself more than 100% cause there's a lot of amazing talents out there and you have to work a lot, but in the end, it's all worth it.

Message to your fans :

I consider all of them my friends, thank you for supporting my music, my point of view, there's nothing greater than meeting people who understand your work, thank you so much. Yusef

*Photo of jessica audiffred

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