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​Exclusive interview with Maddix

When Maddix was a young kid his surroundings already knew. Influenced by his family playing percussion, drums, and piano he had the best foundation a kid could wish for. As the years went by it became very clear that his youth was the perfect substruction for a mind-blowing career that is still yet to unfold.


He quickly came under the attention of many masterminds in the music industry with releases on Spinnin’ Records, Armin van Buuren’s Armada label and of course Hardwell’s own Revealed Recordings, which became his fundament and directly felt like home to him. As more music got released the world started to become familiar with his unique EDM sound that contains influences of Electro and Bigroom, combined with sharp leads and floor-filling basslines. As he got more experienced by time, he became a trendsetting producer for many artists. Stunning collaborations with Hardwell combined with shows at Ultra Europe and Parookaville confirmed that also the tier 1 DJ’s of the world are enormous fans of his unique style.

With tons of new ideas, upcoming tours all around the world and a huge number of incoming tracks, this risen star have proven that his talents are deeply rooted in his creative mind and a dancefloor without Maddix’s music became impossible to imagine.


Just right before the interview, we were talking about demo pen-drives. So who did you gave your first demo pen-drive drive to and when was it when you received the first pen-drive from somebody? 


I actually gave my first demo pen-drive during the Amsterdam dance event. I went to a show of Dyro because back then I made some music that sounds similar to his label’s stuff. I went to the front row and when he finished playing I shouted his name and gave him my USB stick. After a month or so he replied to me saying that he really liked the tracks and I should keep on sending new stuff. The first demo USB-stick that I received was I think 2 years later during ADE. Every ADE now I get a lot of USB sticks there. 


What is the future of EDM right now? Because for example the music styles and trends are very separated, like in Europe it's very different from the USA.

Yeah, it’s kind of a difficult market right now. What I see in Europe especially in Holland there's a lot of techno music going on. I like it myself as well but at the same time, you cannot change your own genre too much. In Asia though, the market is completely different and there is a lot of Bigroom music. Then you have America, which is a completely different market again. So, I don't know, it's difficult. It changes so fast as well. As a producer, I believe you need to be on top of it and be open to change your style, in your own way, and try to make something new every single time.


What kind of genres do you want to produce this year or maybe, do you want to change a bit on your style? A lot of producer and DJ says that in 2019 they will do it in any genre that they like and just release it. 

I'm actually working on it. I used to do only 130 and 128 BPM Bigroom stuff, and I still really like that, but at the same time when I'm playing live, I also play Psytrance and some Hardstyle. That’s why I'm also producing those styles now. That’s also the reason why I released a track with Timmy Trumpet and Will Sparks for example. I am going to release a few 150 BPM tracks myself as well. And as I said, I like Techno as well and actually made a Techno track. I'm not going to release it though because it's too different from what I usually do, but I just want to say that I'm open-minded to that. And yeah, I'll definitely do whatever I feel is right. 


And how are you getting inspired? By other songs or just by the touch of other songs that you like?

 Other songs for sure. Sometimes you hear something and you get hooked on it and you want to make something similar. But for me what really helps is when I play shows I see the crowds reaction to specific tracks, and I get really inspired by how the public reacts and it makes you produce tracks in a different way because you're thinking of how it works live so that inspires me a lot!

For a few years, everybody is saying that Bigroom is dead. What is your opinion on that?

 I don't think it's dead and I don't think it will be dead, for sure! But the hype from 2013-14 might be a little bit over, but whenever you play Bigroom even at the last Ultra you can see the best crowds reactions. So I think it will always have its special niche market where people just go crazy on some Bigroom tracks. But for sure, it could change a little bit and maybe more genres will be mixed together in a set.

DJ&Music Producer - Maddix


How did the whole thing with music start for you?


My mom plays Djembe, an African drum, and percussion. And she actually has a school with that, she gives workshops, etc. so I grew up with that. As a baby when I was 3 months old and I couldn't sleep, my mom started playing the Djembe next to me and I fell asleep in one minute. My first instrument to play was the Djembe and when I was like 7 years old I started playing the drums and piano. Later I started studying Artificial Intelligence at University but quit to pursue my musical dreams, two years later I started on a music University and then it really started.


What are the most common problems with the demos you get from young producers


The most demos I get from producers are a little bit generic and to be honest they make Bigroom from like a few years back. It's cool and it's good, but right now you cannot release it because it's not something special and it’s been done before. I think that's the most difficult part for new producers, to get recognition because there's so many of us. The best way to get there is to make something a little bit unique (and that doesn't need to be much). 


And what’s coming for the fans


I'm working on a lot of tracks! I actually moved to a new place, so I didn't have time to make music for a while. I had to learn about my new studio acoustics. So that's why we're waiting a little bit now, but I have one cool remix coming up for Armin Van Buuren and a track with my buddy KAAZE for which we are like 99% done. Of course, I’m working on a few solo tracks as well, for which I’m very excited. It’s a lot of new stuff, but it will take some time before you guys can hear them. 

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