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Mosimann on exclusive Interview with Out Now

MOSIMANN is the complete package: a DJ-producer, singer, songwriter, The Voice TV-host and Double Gold–certified artist based between Paris and Zurich. A self-taught musician, he grew up looking up to the likes of Jean-Michel Jarre, Daft Punk or Laurent Garnier, pioneers who helped him shape his own sound and identity.


Popular he is. He’s always taken great pride in bringing his passion for electronic music from the underground to the masses. Steadily climbing his way to the top over the past 10 years, he became a regular fixture from worldwide DJ Mag Top 100 (#81 this year) and joined the ranks of the top 10 French DJ’s (4th best French DJ this year), growing a dedicated fanbase of 700,000+ on social platforms. His leitmotiv ‘Change your Mind’ is a testament to his unwavering dedication to redefining deejaying: on stage, on top of an 8-meters high metal structure and moved by boundless energy, he confidently delivers his set behind his turntables, drums, microphone, and keyboards. He's as able to propose club tracks for memorable live DJ sets, as able to produce mainstream songs for live concert/media special sets, both styles signed by an electronic groove he'll never let go.

Basically, Mosimann is a real DJ-performer using his creative musician skills with perfection to appear today like an entertainment pioneer in the dance music industry.

*Photo of Mosimann

Where are you from? I'm born in Switzerland but I was raised in France, I have both nationalities. Today, I'm based near Luzern in Switzerland with my family, but my studio is in Paris, France.


When did you start making music? Quite early actually: I started the drums at 5 years old, then the piano, singing, and then mixing. At 13 I was doing some singing contests, at 15 I was deejaying for some hometown parties. I produced my first Electro track at 17 with 2 DJ friends and as a band, we started touring.

How do you describe your music? Today, I'm definitely playing and producing House for myself, even Jackin' House. That's what I'll always play live in clubs and festivals on one hand, but I stay open to other influences for productions in the other hand: electronic for sure, but maybe enriched with my musical legacy of Jazz, Funk, retro vintage pop, groovy content.

*Photo of Mosimann

Favorite moment from your career? 

Wow, hard to say. I really loved so much magical stuff during this latest decade. I'm so grateful: many countries, audiences, so many people spreading love through music. I never imagined doing another job and doing it now for so many years is a real blessing, I'm lucky. If I had to point my favorites moments of my career, that would be on stage for sure. Live shows are my achievement, I work for these moments.


Who is your biggest musical inspiration? 

I have several but a few names would be Laurent Garnier, Kryder, Tom Staar, M83, Daft Punk, Woodkid...

What is your producing software? I work on Logic Pro X most of all. My favorite synth at the moment is Legend from Synapse Audio, even if I remain a fan of the Moog and Analog family.


*Photo of Mosimann

What other things do you do besides making music? 

Not so much! lol, Music is my whole life so I produce a lot of music for different kinds of artists, I love doing that too, opening to other styles of music. Besides making music, I'm directing music videos, I would love to be an actor too. And I would like to open a concept restaurant in the future, I'm a fan of cooking. Maybe someday!


What is your favorite track of all time? Mhmh... I'd say 'Imagine' of John Lennon.

What is your best-producing tip? 

Keep an ear on the mix even if you're still at the producing phase.


Why did you start making music? 

Actually, I never wondered. Even very young at school, my friends wanted to be a fireman or a cop, for me it's always been about being an artist, making music. It was not a choice, just fate. Making music was my loophole, my shelter. I felt good and safe. And fortunately, it's still the case.


What are your upcoming gigs? Summer will be quite busy as usual, I'll go to Portugal, Belgium, China, Japan, Thailand, Germany, Switzerland, France... And I'm especially excited by my own party at Rex Club in Paris on July 4th.

It's been a while since I played in Paris, and it's a really big deal for me to be back in town, and in this very famous underground club, it's a dream coming true...

*Photo of Mosimann

What are your goals for the future? I have many, it's essential to keep having goals and dreams. I hope I'll get a slot mainstage at Tomorrowland someday for example! Or some unexpected collaborations. But my main goal remains the same: doing this job for the upcoming 20 years. There is a real success.

What advice can you give for the young music producers/DJs: 

Several pieces of advice: do this job for the good reasons, you're here to entertain and make people dance, not for the fame; listen to your heart for producing, not marketing bullshit; and surround yourself with faithful and trustful people who love your art.

Please write a message to your fans:  Thank you so much for being here at all times, from the beginning or from reading this. You make my dreams come true, and if I work hard, this is all for you guys.

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