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Master house musician, MOTi, burst into the dance music scene in 2008. Known for his diverse array of sounds and fecund anthems, he’s created a household name for himself with his chart-topping tracks.

MOTi made his mark in 2012 with the release of ‘Circuits’ and ‘Kinky Denise’ which was published on Afrojack’s Wall Recordings. Which resulted in Tiësto and MOTi connecting and starting to collaborate. In 2015, their release for ‘Blow Your Mind’ and ‘House of Now’ became Top Charters internationally.

Followed up by their massive remix of ‘Lean On’, ‘Back To The Acid’, and more.

MOTi on an exclusive interview with Out Now

DJ MOTi On a DJ Show with a lot of music fans

Where are you from? I am MOTi from Amsterdam.

I have been producing and playing for a few years now. I’ve had tracks with Major Lazer, Martin Garrix & Tiesto and I’ve performed at Ultra, Tomorrowland and many more big festivals and clubs. I recently started my own label Zero Cool Records which is my pride and joy. 


When did you start making music? When I was 17 years old


How do you describe your music? Energetic dance club with a little edge

Favorite moment from your career??  Signing my first big management deal

*Photo of MOTi

DJ MOTi On a DJ Show with a lot of music fans

*Photo of MOTi

Who is your biggest musical inspiration? Prince


What is your producing software?? Logic X


What other things do you do besides making music? Enjoy family time :-)

What is your favorite track of all time? Josh Wink - Freak

DJ MOTi On a DJ Show with a lot of music fans

*Photo of MOTi

What is your best-producing tip?  On the creative side: focus on having a good idea first.

Technical side: EQ a lot!!!

Why did you start making music? I Thought the music that was being released could be better.

What are your upcoming gigs? AgeHA, Tokyo is up next! 


DJ MOTi On a DJ Show with a lot of music fans

*Photo of MOTi

What are your goals for the future? Focus on my label, build some studio’s and enjoy life :-). 

Message for your fans:

Thanks for all the support over the years, I’m releasing more than ever this year hope you all enjoy it and if you haven’t yet, check out ZERO COOL RECORDS! LOVE YALL! 


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