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Written by Bendegúz Rendes


SaberZ on an exclusive interview with Out Now

Do you know those guys who made probably the biggest bigroom hit in 2018 together with Maurice West? They just started the 2019 year now with an EP on Revealed Recordings.

To know more about SaberZ we are asking them today about a few things.

SaberZ, On a DJ Show - Out Now Magazine

I think the last year was a huge game changer for the SaberZ, what was the things you have learned and changed the life of the duo? 

First of all, thank you for the opportunity, it is our pleasure to answer your questions. A few months ago Kristóf decided to stay off from the shows.

This was a thing, which changed the life of our duo, but in a good way. Everyone found "his place". This means Kristóf will focus only on the producing part, meanwhile, Beni will focus on the shows mainly, but will help in the productions. This was a good move because we think we can work much more effective this way. 


*Picture from SaberZ Facebook Page

How and where do you imagine SaberZ in, let's say: 5 years?

-We don't want to predict our future, because the scene can change a lot in a short time period. All we can say is we will try to keep up the quality on our tracks and try to pull as many shows as we can. 

SaberZ, On a DJ Show - How To Make Music

You guys always have great stories behind the tracks, so what's behind the new EP?

We were in the studio one night, and we were struggling with the tracks. None of us was able to come up with something really huge, then Kristóf suggested to go down to the corner shop and buy a bottle of vodka.

So we went down for it, and after we had a few vodka-soda, the ideas started to flow, and a few days later Without Your Love was born. We always liked to build our tracks a bit kind of futuristic, with screechy synths and epic chord lines, that's basically how Nebula was made. 

How many tracks you have and want to release this year? What's up with the Dimatik collab? 

We don't have any goal. We just want to make our fans happy, and impressed about our tracks, but if we really have to say something we would say 4 or 5.

The Dimatik collab is done and looks like we found a home for it, so you can expect it in the next few months. 

*Picture from SaberZ Facebook Page

Getting a bit emotional: What you feel when you watching a Tomorrowland live stream and you hear your tracks played by the biggest DJs for thousands of people?

Probably this feeling is one of the best feelings in the world. We always say that our main goal is to see our fans happy, and as we can see we successfully managed to achieve this goal so far. 

Is there anything more you want to say for your fans/producers/music lovers? 

You guys ain't ready for the next few tracks.


Bendegúz Rendes

Out Now Writer 

Bendegúz Rendes Artists, Out Now Music Lab Writer.

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