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Exclusive Spotlight Interview with the talented Music Producer and Song Writer 'Andreas Stone'

To date, Andreas’s music has sold more than 25 million physical copies, worldwide. He’s had more than 40 official Japanese (Oricon) or Korean (Gaon) number 1’s and another 10 number 2’s to his name. In 2019, he co-wrote the winning song ”Too Late For Love” by John Lundvik in Swedish Eurovision Song Contest. And in 2018, He co-wrote & co-produced ”Shuffla” by Samir & Viktor which came on 4th place in the finals, and was the 6th most played/sold song in Sweden that year. He has so far landed 6 songs in Melodifestivalen. He’s been awarded with several Japanese Grammy’s, been honored with numerous Gold Disc Awards in different categories. Furthermore, Andreas has also had number 1’s in Sweden / Spain / Polen / Norway / Czech / Denmark, to name a few.

Where are you from? I’m from Malmö, Sweden. One of Sweden’s most southern cities close to Copenhagen. But I grew up in Arlöv, a suburb of Malmö.


When did you start making music? Music has always been in my life. I remember sitting on dad’s lap while he was playing guitar and singing for me. And my older brother played the Piano, so it all came naturally to me. He started playing the piano at the age of six and singing and Guitar shortly after.


How do you describe your music? That’s such a hard question to answer. In the last 15 years, I’ve made my living off the music entirely, working as a songwriter/producer/singer/musician and I’ve always thrown myself into all genres, which also was the way I grew up, listening to everything! But I do always try to live by three quotes;

What comes from the heart reaches the heart.
You are what you love, not what loves you.
There are no bad genres, just bad songs.

But to try and answer the question, I’d probably say, heartfelt!

Who is your biggest musical inspiration? Wow, so hard too, hahaha. Especially since I love all genres so much. Could be any one of these; Michael Jackson, Richard Marx, Jimi Jamison, Eric Benét, Loreena McKennit, Elton John/Bernie Taupin, The Eagles, Eminem, Hanz Zimmer, James Horner, Billy Joel, Guy Sebastian, David Guetta, Bryan White, Joni Mitchell Bryan Adams, Chopin, and so on and so on, hahaha....

But if I have to name on, it has to be Michael Jackson.


What is your producing software? I use Logic, and love plug-ins from Fabfilter, Sonalskis, Izotope to name a few.

What other things do you do besides making music? Same here, way too much, haha.. Have too many dreams and too little time. I’m VERY interested in being health-conscious, cooking, jogging, history, religion, traveling pf course. Fond of culture and fashion. Love drawing. A big fantasy and sci-fi nerd. Love racket sports. Sleep too little, worry too much, very sensitive.


What is your best-producing tip?

This is easier, haha...

I’d name these two;
Never have any hang-ups. All genres, styles, playing technics are equally worthy. It’s all just music and music is alive and doesn’t share value or opinions besides the ones you implement. 
Don’t think too much, make quick judgment calls no matter how hard it is. Never stop the ”flow” or hinder the inspiration. 

Favorite moment from your career? 

Equally tough. Cause sometimes it’s not the biggest. For me it’s probably when I got my first song placed with an artist and got to hear the finished result and more recently when my song won the Swedish Eurovision and also came on 5th place in Eurovision 2019. What a journey! Felt so blessed.

What is your favorite track of all time? An impossible question to answer, all depends on the genre. So I’m just gonna name a few I really like and spontaneously think about:

Dante’s Prayer - Loreena McKennit
Vincent / Starry starry night - Don McLean
Indiana - Jon Mclaughlin
Lose Yourself - Eminem


Why did you start making music? At the moment I only have a few intimate restaurant gigs planned. Too occupied in the studio at the moment. Very exciting times ahead! 


What are your goals for the future?

I’m just enjoying my life as much as I can. It’s a tough industry but I feel so blessed being able to make my living from my music and having this opportunity. But ofc I have all kinds of big goals left, both as a songwriter and even more as an artist. To touch people, make s difference for some and of course to get those Nr.1’s, hahaha..

What advice can you give for the young music producers/DJs?  Trust your talent, know your own worth. Always be on time and listen to people with experience. Always call people back and never ever put yourself above someone else. We are all humans. Be happy for other’s success.

Love what you do! Work hard and play hard! 

Please write a message to your fans: Thank you all for reading this. I truly appreciate it. Without you all listening to me my music wouldn’t be out there.  If you want please visit my website: andreasstone.com
I would super grateful if you would help me by following me on Spotify. I will do my very best to supply you with the best music I can come up with. Thank you all! Sincerely, Andreas Stone Johansson

Iza and Elle
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