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Exclusive Spotlight Interview with LA rising singer-songwriter 'Anna Dellaria'

San Francisco-born and Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and performer Anna Dellaria use her flaws to start a fire. Translating lyrical singer-songwriter catharsis through bold + soaring vocals, she doesn’t back down from darkness; rather, she turns it into light… “My music is centered around the idea that it’s okay to be fucked up,” she admits. “I believe confidence and strength are born from self-awareness. Even if that means you don’t quite know who or what you are yet, I try to celebrate the journey and struggle to get there. On that path, you find a way to endure. The lyrics might be dark, but the hooks remain uplifting. My music confronts themes like depression, suicide, or personal conflict because those are real and consistent challenges so many of us face—but often hide due to the surrounding stigma.  I want to bring those realities to light and emphasize that those edges and battles are the very things that make us powerful and unique.”

Where are you from? I’m originally from The Bay Area! A town called San Rafael just 25 minutes North of San Francisco.


When did you start making music? I’ve been making music since I can remember. When I was about 6 I got a little toy piano and would start singing melodies and random phrases while picking out notes on the keyboard that felt right to me. It’s just been this part of me that I’ve been lucky enough to build out and hone in as a skill.


How do you describe your music? 

Big and bold vocals that evolve through dynamic melodies, supported by descriptive lyrics that

tell a story or intention for each song. Some songs that’s to dance and be sassy, other times it’s

too reflect and chill.

Who is your biggest musical inspiration? Far too many to count. If I had to choose three representations of some of my biggest inspirations I’d go with Stevie Wonder for his arrangements/productions/writing and feel that I was obsessed with at a young age. Beyonce for everything. Vocals, performance, business extraordinaire, just over all master of entertainment. Sufjan Stevens for the lyrical honesty and rawness of some darker parts of life that somehow make it more comforting.


What is your producing software? It varies! Mine personally is Ableton for demo work, and then I hop over to Protools for recording any audio, which on my end is primarily my vocal.

What other things do you do besides making music? Honestly still trying to figure out who I am outside of my career and aspirations. I think there’s this new “hustle” epidemic which I love but also can create negative habits of obsessing about where we are in our careers and associating it with self worth vs. viewing it as something that empowers us or elevates who we already are. That being said I looovee dogs so I try to foster or help with rescue organizations around Los Angeles when I can.


What is your best-producing tip?

Be sure every element of the production has an intention. Why is that extra synth necessary? What does it add and what does it sound like to mute it for a minute? I’ve really begun appreciating simplicity and/or just experimenting with taking things out vs. piling in more sounds to make it sound better.

Favorite moment from your career? 

Performing live at my last show! Each show gets better but performing live in general is always

a favorite part of mine.

What is your favorite track of all time? Bringing the hard questions today! Haha. I honestly can’t narrow it down to one, but the first title that pops into my head is “Love’s In Need of Love Today” by Stevie Wonder. It’s such a simple and honest message that is so crucial (esp right now!) and the arrangement and performance are just stunning.


Why did you start making music? Out of necessity. I grew up with a crazy home life where there was a lot of turmoil and upset. I discovered that when I would sing there was this physical release of anxiety, and it just felt like the world paused and I was in my own little bubble: No matter how loud the fights got, or how bad the situation was. Eventually, I figured out that those melodies I would make up could be turned into songs, and when I could add words to them my world just lit up. To this day that feeling hasn’t left, and regardless of the craziness of the business, I’m still so grateful for that gift of relief and self-expression.

What advice can you give for the young music producers/DJs?  Stick with it. Music and good art takes time, and even then it may take more time for that great art to find the right home that will champion it the way that it needs to be. Just be patient and try to enjoy the journey as much as you can.

What are your goals for the future? To make better art. Keep pushing myself to discover more about who I am as an artist both in creating the music and in performing it.

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