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BPM is a music education company founded in 2003 in Israel. Over the last decade, we’ve grown to be of the world’s leading brands in the field of music studies, with over 10,000 students successfully completing our programs on our Campus and online!

BPM is an authorized training center for Apple, Ableton and Steinberg and partners with brands such as Plugin Boutique, Mixcloud, Native Instruments, Roland, Akai Pro and more.

BPM was founded in order to provide a home to musicians of all styles and a means for them to grow and thrive. The main ambition seeks to give students access to the most professional tools for learning, including experienced and knowledgeable instructors, an up-to-date, ever-growing curriculum, and a tolerant and honest environment.

Music changed our lives – we hope to influence others in a similar manner and pass the magic on.

Our mission is to provide the highest level of education for the music industry and build an ever-growing community of musicians, sound engineers, writers, producers, and music lovers. We offer a variety of options, ranging from short courses that focus on Ableton, Cubase, and DJ to several-year certificate programs such as EMP (electronic music production) and BSP (an extensive music production program).

Where are you based, Since When the school is open? 
BPM College is based in Tel-Aviv, Israel. We recently opened an additional branch in Haifa, Israel. The school has opened in  2003.


What language do you teach in your school?
As of today, studies in BPM College are conducted exclusively in Hebrew. Though due to massive requests, we're planning to launch English and Online study programs in 2020.


Are there other branches of schools around the world?
Currently, we have 2 campuses, both in Israel.


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What are the requirements for getting a student to your school? 
Depends on the course you're willing to study, there are some basic tests and an interview with a Studying Counselor. 

Tell us about the variety of courses at the school
BPM College has a wide variety of courses, just to name some of them: Music Production, Audio Engineering & Home Studio, Film Music, Video Game Music, Music Theory, Electronic Music Production, Singing-Songwriting, Synthesis & Sound Design, Mix & Mastering, Arrangement & Orchestration, DJ, Scratch, Ableton Live, Cubase, PA (Sound for Live Shows), Radio, Professional Narration and Music Industry studies.

BSP – A 4 semesters-long course focused on Music Production, Audio Engineering, and Music Theory.

EMP – A 3 semesters-long course focused on Electronic Music Production.

DMP – A single-semester course focused on Audio Engineering in home-studio environments.

Singer-Songwriter – A 3 semesters-long course focused on Songwriting, Vocal Lessons, and Performance.

DJ –  An extended-semester course focused on DJing.

Cubase – A course focused on providing the students with the necessary tools to produce, create and mix with Cubase.

Ableton Live – A course focused on providing the students with the necessary tools to produce, create and mix with Ableton Live.

FL Studio – A course focused on providing the students with the necessary tools to produce, create and mix with FL Studio.

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Tell us about familiar artists who have studied at your school - some of our graduates are the main figures in the local & international music industry. Among our graduates are Red Axes, RIOT, Yossi Sasi, Karmatek, Harel Skaat, Mindwave, Whales (fka Sex Whales), Jo. Cohen, Matan Dror, Korin Alal, Ninet Tayeb, Sawlead Ground, TV.OUT and many more!

Do you give guidance and help in finding work for students who have completed their studies at your school? We have a Student & Graduate Promotion department under BPM College's marketing team, that is wholly dedicated to helping our network of students & graduates find work that matches what they've studied. We actually just started collaborating internationally, setting up our DJ graduates with abroad performances in China and more to come!"

What is the best advice you can give to a new student who is starting your studies?
Dedicate all you've got to make the most out of the experience! Studying in BPM gives you the chance to meet friends & colleagues for life, enjoy all sorts of student benefits, make connections with some of the main figures of the local music industry, and obviously, learn everything you need to know in order to become a professional along the way!

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