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Leah Kate - Fuck Up the Friendship

Listen To Leah Kate - Fuck Up the Friendship

LA Electro-Pop Rising Star Leah Kate Drops Her Brand New Single "Fuck Up the Friendship

LA-based and raised artist Leah Kate made a remarkable debut with her 2019 Impulse EP. In May 2020, she upped the ante with “bad idea” which appeared on Spotify’s New Music Friday (US) and the MTV Push: RADAR playlists plus caught a hint of virality thanks to @girls who shared the song with their 5M+ followers on TikTok. 

Today Leah Kate reveals “fuck up the friendship” - another undeniably groovy electronic-pop meets disco gem, co-written with Sophie Simmons and Louis Schoorl and featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday (US). On her last single she pleaded, “Could we keep this a secret / that nobody needs to hear? / ‘cause i know you’re a bad, bad, bad idea.” but on the new track it’s clear she’s had a change of heart. She admits, “This weekend I saw you / from eyes that are new / You got me falling for you / and I kinda want to... / Let’s fuck up the friendship...” Fans can additionally check out the official music video self-directed and edited by Leah Kate - LISTEN / WATCH HERE.

Listen To Fuck Up the Friendship by Leah Kate HERE

Leah Kate says, "'fuck up the friendship' was inspired by my experience falling for a friend who I never thought I would fall for. I really valued our friendship, but the feelings were just too strong to ignore. And yet again, I created another home made video during quarantine. It's supposed to take you through the mental state of falling for someone - I used abstract objects that are representative of love and friendship while also providing a nostalgic, vintage vibe. At the end of the day, I wanted to bring good, fun vibes to people during this time. Music unites people and I hope someone can get a good dance out of it :)"

Fusing honest and vulnerable lyrics with feel-good dance-worthy production, it's no surprise Leah Kate has racked up millions of streams since her launch in 2019 and has landed on Spotify's US and global New Music Friday playlists as well as Creamy, Dance Rising, Friday Cratediggers, Pop Right Now, Pop Rising. Sad Beats, etc.

Expanding on her accomplished track record as an independent artist, Leah Kate’s forthcoming releases credit Hayley Gene Penner, Louis Schoorl, and Sophie Simmons who have collaborated with artists such as Charlotte Lawrence, Lennon Stella, San Holo, and Sam Feldt. 

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