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Lolo Zouaï Releases Deluxe Edition of Album 'High Highs to Low Lows'

Lola Marsh are pleased to announce new album 'Someday Tomorrow Maybe'

Lola Marsh

Listen To Lola Marsh -  Someday Tomorrow Maybe

Lola Marsh are pleased to announce that their album Someday Tomorrow Maybe, is out today 24th January 2020. Second albums are supposed to be the tricky ones, but not for Lola Marsh. Everything about making this new record felt more fluid for the Israeli indie-pop band led by singer Yael Shoshanna Cohen and multi-instrumentalist Gil Landau. Their sophomore effort, a collection of 12 gorgeous new songs full of compelling hooks, is more tightly focused, Cohen says, and Landau agrees: “The sound and melodies are more cohesive."

A shorter timeline is a big reason why. The band’s first album, Remember Roses, was the product of nearly five years of writing songs, recording and, at the most basic level, getting to know each other and developing a level of comfort and trust. By contrast, the pair spent just three months writing songs for Someday Tomorrow Maybe, due January 24 via Barclay/Verve Forecast/Anova Music. They worked quickly not because they were in a hurry, but because there was no need to spend as much time searching for a sound. Cohen and Landau had already zeroed in on what they wanted.

“The first album, we had so many ideas, and it was a little bit like, ‘Let’s do everything,’” Cohen says. “The second one was, ‘OK, we know already what we want to say and what Lola Marsh is.’ There are so many beautiful sounds and styles, but not every one of these things is Lola Marsh.”

What Lola Marsh is, Cohen says, is “romantic, nostalgic and a little bit cinematic.” The New York Times agrees, having praised the band for “sweeping, cinematic music dripping in retro charm

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