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Lolo Zouaï Releases Deluxe Edition of Album 'High Highs to Low Lows'

Melodic Trance rising artist "MEGATRON" announced new single Swimming in the Liquid Lakes of Uranus Star. 


Listen To MEGATRON - Swimming in the Liquid Lakes of Uranus Star

Melodic Trance music rising artist "MEGATRON" announced a brand new single unique Melodic Trance Track 'Swimming in the Liquid Lakes of Uranus Star' with a unique dramatic vibe, giving the audience a feeling that they are on another planet.

I was always fascinated by space and other life forms,

that what gave me the inspiration to create this track and led me to the name of the track "

MEGATRON already played electronic music during his early teen, He had a live performance back then in Tel Aviv, including in the Hangar 11, there I had a live show under the name Atlantis 2000.

MEGATRON "​In my music, I like to create lots of layers of melodies that will reflect the beauty and also dramatic vibes, on this track I tried to combine these vibes "

MEGATRON Track ​Swimming in the Liquid Lakes of Uranus Star is part of his new album "Purple Clouds" which includes 10 tracks from MEGATRON, Each one of the tracks giving you the dramatic vibes and letting you feel on other life forms.

More About MEGATRON 'I was a DJ in darkwave-EBM music lines in the Azimut and other places as a DJ.I wrote tracks for Film students, some of my tracks Broadcast on radio stations around the world and I released 2 albums and a single in the digital platforms including Spotify (on 2019)'

MEGATRON - Swimming in the Liquid Lakes of Uranus Star

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Out Now Nightlife
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