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Shira Elias - Cherry Pie

Photo by Emil Cohen

Listen To Shira Elias - Cherry Pie

Upcoming Star Shira Elias Releases a New Brand Hot Single "Cherry Pie" From Her Debut Upcoming EP 'GOODS'

"Cherry Pie," a soulful summer jam narrating the emotive journey of falling into a new love, was a collaborative effort between producer MEGA (who is credited as the producer of GOODS) and guitarist Sasha Brown. Stylistically, the song incorporates diverse soundscapes, melding together elements of electro-R&B, but also hinting at neo-soul, pop, and jazz. And of course, Elias gives a very strong vocal performance throughout the 4:30 track.

Listen To Cherry Pie by Shira Elias - HERE

“I wanted ‘Cherry Pie’ to sound the way that a ‘new love feeling’ feels; bubbling with excitement, trepidation and ultimately, building into joyful freedom,” Elias shared with IMPOSE. “It’s based on my personal experience at the beginning of a new relationship when I was still wary of the disappointments and wounds of past loves but ready and open to the new possibility. It’s really the first time I’m revealing the romantic, lovestruck side of myself and ultimately I just want the listener to be able to close their eyes and sway to the lyrics in that chorus—’You’re the sweetest life I’ve known.’ I think that anyone who’s been in love knows what that means.” 

Check out "Cherry Pie" now from Elias' debut EP, GOODS, due out May 29th and stay tuned to her official Facebook fan page for more information on future releases.

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