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Shira Elias - NAH

Listen To Shira Elias - NAH

Rising Star Shira Elias reveals Brand New Single "NAH" and Announces debut EP 'GOODS'

Funky, upbeat, and bold anthem "NAH" has arrived from Shira Elias' debut EP, GOODS. Best known as part of Brooklyn-based 9-piece funk band, Turkuaz, Elias is now venturing into a creative space all her own—one filled with honesty, self-discovery and growth. "NAH" is the first single to be released from Elias' debut EP, which drops May 29th, 2020.

For Elias, this new chapter is rooted in vulnerability and freedom. "The idea behind 'NAH' comes from a personal mantra that I started telling myself every time I got caught up in other people's problems: 'It ain't about you.' When you know that to be true, then what other people say, do, or think, has no affect on you and you're free to be the badass person you are." 

Listen To NAH by Shira Elias -  HERE

It is this confidence that has brought Shira Elias to the place she is today, and her debut EP, GOODS,  brilliantly captures her decade-long journey as an artist working and living in New York City. Elias reveals, "It's the first time that I'm really expressing my music and my heart on my own, and it's a pretty incredible and terrifying feeling."  While GOODS documents the artist's experiences on the East Coast, it only tells half the story. Her follow-up collection, SERVICES, promised for later this year, is the striking West Coast counterpart inspired by her recent move to Los Angeles.

Previously, Elias shared "Burning" as a standalone single, which will not be featured on the GOODS EP.

Don't miss "NAH" off of Elias' debut EP, GOODS, due out May 29th and stay tuned to her official Facebook fan page for more information on future releases.

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