Spinnin Records Tech House Sample Pack on Splice

Splice continues Spinnin' collab with tech house sample pack‏

Spinnin Records Tech House Sample Pack on Splice

Following the launch of its partnership with Spinnin' Records last September, music creation platform Splice now presents the second sample pack of this unique project: Tech House.

The pack will be accompanied by a tutorial video created by Spinnin’ Records, showcasing the various sounds +  tips and tricks on how to produce a stellar tech house tune. Keep an eye on our Talent Pool YouTube channel for the tutorial video - watch the trailer video now:

This unique partnership between Splice and Spinnin’ Records is the first time a major label has launched a sample business, opening up new revenue opportunities for a label with access to artists, high quality content, and a producer userbase.

Spinnin Records Tech House Sample Pack on Splice

The first sound pack of this project was released end of September, indicative of Spinnin's most popular genre: Big Room. Recognized by its heavy kick drums, supersaw synths and melodic drops, the sample pack is filled with drums and samples which are widely used within the Big Room genre. The pack also includes various FX, multiple presets for Serum, MIDI files, melody loops, and synth shots.

And now, the series is continued with its second installment: Tech House. It's a genre that combines the best of both worlds, with its deep basslines from techno and harmonic melodies from house music. The Tech House sample pack is stacked with various presets and over 200 samples, created by Spinnin' Records.

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