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Exclusive Spotlight Interview with New Star Music Contest Winners: Sloppy Joe's, 

Sloppy Joe’s is a three-piece rock band from Hamburg, Germany consisting of Jesse Garon (Vocals, Guitars), Johnny Angel (Bass) and Pätzy Dävey (Drums). Since the release of the first EP in 2013 the band has performed more than 100 concerts in Europe (club gigs, festival shows, open-airs) and the fanbase is still growing. The latest album Eight Reasons to Rock (2016) has been highly rated by the international music press. The first single of the new upcoming album “Devil’s Music” (out on October 25) was released on September 06, 2019.

Where are you from? Hamburg/Germany


When did you start making music?  As a band, we have been playing together since 2011.


How do you describe your music? All three members played in their own bands of different musical genres before. We have roots in rock’n’roll, soul, heavy metal, progressive rock. Sloppy Joe’s started when we (Jesse Garon, Johnny Angel and Pätzy Dävey) met and realized that we have a common goal of making music and that was delivering a classic rock show. We started as a three-piece rock band that sounds like more than three guys, especially live. We use the same means like the great rock bands of the past: A ‘war paint’ or stage outfit, we don’t look like normal people when we perform on stage (just check our band photo), a heavy rock sound and live rock interaction to let the audience be part of the show. To perform this way makes us different from current (indie rock) bands. Most of them are standing still and look like somebody has caught them at a bus station. That’s not our style.

Favorite moment from your career? The favorite moment of our career was the moment when we finished the recording of our upcoming album “Devil’s Music”. We put so much energy in this record and the whole production process took more than one year. So everybody in the band was so happy to have things done. We are very sure that this is the best music we have recorded so far.

Who is your biggest musical inspiration? Our musical influences/inspirations are the big hard rock bands like KISS, AC/DC, Iron Maiden and more: Just bands that can still conquer the world. These bands are very focused on delivering a big live rock show. That’s what we do as well. All songs from our albums are part of our live show. So we always try to put our live energy on CD/Vinyl. I’m (Jesse Garon) also a big Elvis Presley fan and I like Tom Jones very much. Their voices are brilliant and they have a big impact on my style of singing.


What is your producing software? ProTools


What other things do you do besides making music? One of my (Jesse Garon) interests is reading biographies of great musicians. This is not completely outside of music but an interesting thing for me. I also love watching football games and classic horror movies. The atmosphere during a football game is very special because nobody knows how the game will end. Sometimes the success of the team depends on the fans’ loudness and support. We have nearly the same situation when we play concerts. So just treat your fans right and they will be the additional factor for your band to be successful.

What is your best-producing tip?

The best thing is to take enough time for the recording of the single instrument tracks (like guitars, vocals etc). It works a lot better to have nearly perfect takes for editing and mixing. So just be patient and play as good as you can.

What is your favorite track of all time? KISS - Detroit Rock City (Jesse Garon), The Sisters OF Mercy - More (Johnny Angel), 

 AC/DC - For Those About To Rock (Pätzy Dävey)

Why did you start making music? Because we love music. It’s the soundtrack of our life.


What are your upcoming gigs? We have a few shows to play in Germany until the new album will be released. On December 6 the official release concert will take place in our hometown (Hamburg). That’s a special one for us. We will play at the famous Indra Club which is the venue where The Beatles played first.

What are your goals for the future?

We will go on touring and recording new albums. The rollercoaster has just getting started. The next show is always the best: That’s our spirit!

What advice can you give for the young music producers/DJs?  Just keep going. Music will always be needed. There are enough people outside that might listen to your stuff.


Please write a message to your fans: Hey Guys, thanks a lot for listening to our music. Please remember our name and keep supporting your favorite rock bands. We will appreciate it and give you more music and enjoyment!

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