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Exclusive Interview with Dope Saint Jude  

Out Now Magazine  

Rap kingpin and producer, Dope Saint Jude’s moment to shine was encoded in the stars by her ancestors. The Cape Town-born, the artist took her first strides into music-making at the tail-end of 2013. A string of follow-up singles, plus a highly stylized video, led to increased visibility on the Internet. She has steadily kept her eyes transfixed towards the future — creating lanes where there previously were none — and wreaking havoc on stage, from one show to the next, using her elaborate antics.

The emcee was had since worked with MIA and fashion retailer H&M, Nandos, Lilets and recently performed at The Cape Town International Jazz Festival and Afropunk, to mention a few. 2018 saw the release of her second EP, Resilient, and her explosive lead single “Grrrl Like”.

Dope Saint Jude is now London-based, having performed across Europe, bludgeoning the scene with her cold and sparse, fast-paced hi-hat-laden production sensibilities. France, Finland, and the United States count as previous stops. In 2019, the artist will be embarking on her first world tour, inviting an even larger audience to her international, intersectional grrrl gang.

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Where are you from?

Cape Town, South Africa


When did you start making music? 

 I started making music as a teenager, playing the guitar. But I learned music production in 2013 and started taking it seriously to them.


How do you describe your music? 

 I make hip hop music with a very personal touch. It’s often experimental, but easy to listen to


Favorite moment from your career? 

There are so many, but being able to travel the world with my music has been a highlight.

Who is your biggest musical inspiration? I can’t limit it down to one person. My biggest influences are Tupac, Lauryn Hill, Alanis Morissette, and Kanye West.


What is your producing software? I use Ableton Live.


What other things do you do besides making music? I enjoy shooting and editing films. I really love running, reading and chilling out.


What is your best-producing tip?

Don’t overthink it, do what feels good. And always SAVE your work!

What is your favorite track of all time?  Lost in The World by Kanye West


Why did you start making music?  I started making music because it felt right. Until I started making music, nothing in my life mad sense. Once I started making music, everything fell into place.


What are your upcoming gigs? I am currently on tour in Europe. I have shows in France, Switzerland, Italy, etc. Check out dopesaintjude.com for more dates.


What are your goals for the future?

My goals are to find fulfillment, make good music and be happy.

What advice can you give for the young music producers/DJs?  Work Hard and be professional. There is a big difference between music being a hobby and music being your career, and it is up to you to define which it is.


Please write a message to your fans: When I started making music, I felt alone and out of place a lot of the time. Through my music, I have gotten to know you, my fans, and I feel less alone in the world. Thank you for sharing my music with me. I love you.

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