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Exclusive Spotlight Interview with upcoming rising star DopeAMean

Where are you from?   I was born in Columbus, Ga but most of my life was spent between Columbus, Ga, Atlanta,
Ga, and Auburn, AL. I remember one year we moved 6-times. I don’t have the same
childhood memories as most people do. No lifelong friends.


When did you start making music? At the age of 15-years old in 2005 with a group called Y.B.E. ( Young Black Entrepreneurs), I wrote poetry prior to my start in making music. My market savvy selling tactics won us a
local buzz. Then I left to serve my country 4-years latter.


How do you describe your music? Futuristic, Revolutionary, Mood Enhancing, and Therapeutic. It’s like trying something good
for the first time. It’s different from the rap being marketed currently in the music industry. It’s
conscious without sacrificing the street grit.

Who is your biggest musical inspiration? It’s hard to just credit one person. I’ll say the top 20 artists of the last two decades. Artists, I listen to often 2 Pac, Jay Z, Drake, T.I., Kevin Gates, Yellow Beezy, T Grizzley, Jeezy, Rick
Ross, Meek Mill, etc.. Some UK artists I like but everything new I tend to like.


What is your producing software? Pro-Tools, Adobe Audition, Fruity Loops, and BandLab.

What other things do you do besides making music?  I’m a college student at Purdue University Global were I’ve obtained an Associate’s Degree in Information Technology - Networking, and I’m currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in

Information Technology - CyberSecurity. I’m also a DJ that promotes other independent
artists, known as DJ Dope 100.

Favorite moment from your career? 

Releasing my debut album blue faces, then the day it did 40,000. I got a lot of hate from that
but it helped me understand struggle and survival a little bit better. Next, all my social media
accounts were hacked by cyberstalkers from every city of every state, every county. It had
me paranoid for a while. Then I started laughing at the situation. My IG has been locked
since I dropped the album.

What is your favorite track of all time? 2 Pac - Ballet Of A Dead Soulja. Every time I play it I
think of my deployment to Afghanistan while in the U.S. Army.


Why did you start making music? To inspire people in the same way that music inspired me. To make timeless masterpieces
and explore the full ranges of my creativity.

What are your goals for the future? To become the embodiment of the greatest rapper who ever walked the face of any earth in any galaxy.

What are your upcoming gigs? With my busy schedule, local open mics, and local events are probably what I’m sticking to
until the summer comes around.

What is your best-producing tip? Listen to your mixdown on several different systems. Don’t
be afraid to try new things and never sacrifice learning.

What advice can you give for the young music producers/DJs?  

Use your free time to find new ways to do what your doing better. find new websites,
explore, ask questions, and reach for greatness.

Please write a message to your fans: To my fans, no matter who wants to see me go, I will always give you the whole hundred. I’m
not scared of no rapper, internet stalker, hatter, officer, federal agent, government, or man.
Thanks for your loyalties in advance. Check out Dope-WRLD out on Datpiff
http://piff.me/0321c33. View all my artist profiles at http://www.bit.ly/3575nmD

Natalia Damini
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