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Gellero on an exclusive interview with Out Now.

New star winner 'Gellero' on Spotlight interview 

Gellero At the age of 10 years old Gellero started drumming as a hobby and eventually turned to DJing at age 17. By the age of 21, Gellero started producing and creating original music through the EMP track the BPM school and eventually started teaching courses to the new students of the college


Gellero’s unique musical style is EDM/ Bigroom productions with a slight touch of Psytrance and Brazilian/African Tribal sound

Gellero’s biggest inspirations for his music are Hardwell, Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, and Skrillex while also venturing into different genres for inspiration such as Linkin Park, Foo Fighters and lots of older Rock n’ Roll.


Some of his major performances include China, in one of the most well-known clubs of the city, Jellyfish and Around the city of Tel Aviv DJ Gellero performs in well-known clubs such as light house, Haoman 17 and Hanger 11 and his major breakthrough is yet to come!

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Where are you from? From a Kibbutz (a small village) called Givat Haim Meuhad in Israel. These
days I live in Hertzliya.


When did you start making music? 

When I was serving the Israeli army I knew that I wanna become a producer of my own music but I wasn’t able to develop it because I was a combat soldier and I didn’t have time for it during the army. After I got release from the army, I went to learn EMP (electronic music production) at BPM College in Tel-Aviv Before 2.5 years ago. From a young age, I remember myself surrounding my whole day among the music. I was a big fan of all the rock bands like Linkin Park, Green Day, Limp Bizkit, Foo Fighters, Nirvana and many more, I was drumming for years and I even played the piano for a short time, and when I grew up during the high school I started to be a DJ at small private parties and events.


How do you describe your music? 

Combination of genres. My music combines genres like EDM, Trance, Pop & Tribal House. I honestly think that my music is still in progress of developing and I'm still looking after that unique sound signature of Gellero, so I still need to work a lot on my music and I just want people to like my music and dance on it.


Favorite moment from your career? 

Last new year I played at Chengdu (China), at a big club called Jellyfish LKF. I had an incredible time there and I learned a lot about my work and myself. That was definitely one of my favorite moments.

Who is your biggest musical inspiration? 

From the famous DJs, my favorite is definitely Hardwell. I remember myself from a young age looking at him and taking inspiration from him, I love many other DJs from all over the world and from all kinds, but Hardwell was the first one who made me love EDM. I like his passion and the fire in his eyes from a young age, I’m connecting to it. My real mentor and teacher for music production is a good friend of mine named Robert Zionov which I met during my studies at BPM College. Robert is an amazing music producer, a sound genius and a very good friend, he showed me all the techniques and tools for how to produce excellent electronic music. Without Robert, I wasn’t making progress so fast.


What is your producing software? Cubase


What other things do you do besides making music? 

Besides making music, I’m a DJ at weddings and events (especially in Israel), I work in a famous music group named Final Drum, I’m combining it with my music production and shows as Gellero. I really like sport, like running and athletics, and I’m crazy about soccer. When I have some free time I usually go running, play soccer with friends or going to the Gym.


What is your best-producing tip?

In my opinion, the Kick and the Bass are the most important in electronic music. make sure you work on them until they sound perfect.

What is your favorite track of all time? 

Actually, I don’t have a favorite track, it’s a matter of periods. From the EDM scene, I think “Everybody is in the place” by Hardwell is my favorite and for this period I really like “Bun Up the Dance” by Skrillex and Dillon Francis. But I can say that the track that I played and listened to the most is “Danza Kuduro” (hahaha), a bit different from my style but I think that This song was the biggest hit ever when it came out and as a young DJ I remember this song because I was playing him every night for a long time.

Why did you start making music? 

Because I like to create and build. For me making music is the real thing. I want people to like my own creativity and build a unique music style that will be only mine and make people happy. I really like to make people happy.


What are your upcoming gigs? 

In Israel, I perform almost every week, and I have an upcoming tour in India.


What are your goals for the future?

I have many goals in the future. The majors are performing at the biggest stages like Tomorrowland and Ultra. I want to open my own label and run it by myself. For the next years, my only goal is to make Gellero grow up: Sign my tracks at big labels, make more connections with famous DJs from all over the world, get more known at the music industry and to get my music supported by big artists and grew up the number of fans and audience. It’s a very long way and I’m ready for it.

What advice can you give for the young music producers/DJs?  

Be patient and work hard every day on your music! It takes a lot of time to become professional and there’s no easy way to become good at what you're doing. Besides that, I really recommend connecting with people who believe in you and you can learn from them. Be open to criticisms and surround yourself only with create and motivating people. Don’t waste your time explaining people who don’t believe in you.


Please write a message to your fans: 

Thanks for your support and love! Without you guys it’s worth nothing, be sure that all the people that are walking with me from my first steps are inside my heart and you are the reason that I’m doing what I’m doing. Be sure that I’m reading every message and text that you're sending to me and it means a lot for me! It’s really not obvious for me and I can’t wait to see you at my next show.

Welcome to Mysteryland, the longest running electronic music festival in the world and premier event in the Netherlands.
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