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Lister on an exclusive interview with Out Now.

Spotlight interview with the young talent 18 years old 'Lister' from Melbourne.

Hailing from Launceston, Lister has had a strong passion for music since a very young age. His love for production began at age 13, when he was first introduced to FL Studio. Heavily inspired through the Melbourne sounds of Orkestrated, Joel Fletcher & SCNDL, Lister worked away on FL every day he could, even during High school when he had the chance. This led him to his first DJ gig at 15 years old, which turned into weekly performances. Since then, Lister has progressed his sound into a more minimal and darker style of genre, catching the eyes and ears of the producers he has looked up to.

Where are you from?

I was born in Launceston Tasmania, and I lived there until the age of 18 until I made the jump to Melbourne to focus more on my music and to take my music career further!


When did you start making music? 

I’ve always been involved with music in some way, but I started playing guitar in early primary school but I never took it too seriously. I had a friend when I was 12 years old who was producing music on his computer and I was inspired by him so he taught me, and since then I’ve been working hard at it, day in day out.


How do you describe your music? 

My main genre or style is Minimal but I don’t like to hold myself down to just that. Ive been working on bigger festival sounding tracks that still have the heaviness of a Melbourne Minimal song if that makes sense. To describe my songs id say they’re punchy, glitchy and energetic.


Favorite moment from your career? 

When I got to drop my latest single ‘Pathways’ at Ultra Music Festival with Shortround. That was by far one of the most insane moments I’ve ever experienced and if I was told 5 years ago that id be doing that id probably just laugh and say whatever. Pathways also ended up being #1 on the Beatport Electro House charts so that was also super exciting.

Who is your biggest musical inspiration? 

Definitely Will Sparks. I'm always so blown away by his consistency, he’s got such a busy schedule these days but still manages to constantly put out quality music. Also, the fact that he broke out of the Melbourne scene and now plays on the world's biggest stages is crazy.


What is your producing software? FL Studio forever <3


What other things do you do besides making music? 

I like to hang out with my friends, watch movies, play games, and most of the time when I’m not making music I’ll be on YouTube learning new techniques or finding new sounds, etc!


What is your best-producing tip?

Don’t feel like your project files have to be huge and insanely complex for the song to be good. While it’s good to have lots of elements, I feel that simplicity is key with music and my most popular tracks have been really basic I think.

What is your favorite track of all time? 

Definitely Flume remix of You & Me from back in the day. I was so young when I first heard it and the song brings back a lot of good memories for me, such a feel-good song that I’ll always love.

Why did you start making music? 

Because I love music and it makes me feel good!


What are your upcoming gigs? 

I have gigs coming up in Adelaide, Bathurst, Orange, and Melbourne at some of my favorite venues! All dates and shows are posted on my socials!

What are your goals for the future?

I’d love to play overseas! Being able to play my music to people in a different country would be such an amazing feeling. Other than that I just want to keep making music I love!

What advice can you give for the young music producers/DJs?  

Don’t listen to others' opinions unless they’re providing good feedback, and don’t compare yourself to others who might be doing better than you. Just keep working on your craft and make music that you enjoy and everything will work out for you!


Please write a message to your fans: 

I started all of this just for a bit of fun so it makes me feel great seeing you guys enjoying my music! I hope to play on a stage near you soon ️

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