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Exclusive Spotlight Interview with N JAY , Out Now Magazine  

Nathan Mark Jennings, AKA, N Jay, was born in the small town of Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England on March 1st, 1999

He and his parents moved to, BC, Canada when he was ten. His passion for music began when his Dad, Mark placed his first guitar in his hands. Mark's Mum had bought him, as a child. When settled in Canada Nathan took regular guitar lessons. He performed on stage, at a hockey match, at the age of 12, with a band called, The Chill-Billies.


He has many talents, including dancing and acrobatics. During his teen years, he developed a passion for rap music. Which invoked the drive, within him to write and perform his own style of rap. Always craving the limelight and striving to inspire others. To break down the walls of insecurity, proving to his fans that they can be whomever they choose to be. Since then, Nathan has been officially making music for a year. He has made the local papers in Chilliwack, BC, making it on to the front page, as well as a full-page article. He also landed a spot in the Ilkeston papers of his hometown.  He performed at coast2coastlive, a worldwide rap contest in Toronto winning 4th place as the crowd chanted his name and sang his songs. Nathan has always pushed to be the greatest. He once made the papers around 15 years old, for scoring a touch down as the running back. Nathan had also signed to a modeling agency “Numa Models” in Vancouver, BC, but has unsigned to focus on his music.

Where are you from? The United Kingdom. I was born in Ilkeston, Derbyshire. I moved at the age of 10, and I am now currently living in Canada BC.


When did you start making music?  I dabbled in the music game practically my whole life. My official first song only came out a year ago “The Man”. I’ve now been professional making music for a year.


How do you describe your music? Hip hop, Rap, RnB.

Favorite moment from your career? Performing on stage in Toronto and having the crowd sing my songs back to me.

Who is your biggest musical inspiration? When I was young. I was obsessed with Michael Jackson. I would watch all of his music videos in the living room and follow the dance moves. Eminem was the first rapper to get me into rap. My current biggest inspirations are G-Eazy and JID.


What is your producing software? Pro tools 10


What other things do you do besides making music? I am currently writing a book called “Arthur Hill” I’m about halfway through. I also enjoy working out and occasionally a glass of whiskey ;)

What is your best-producing tip?

Do not rush it. Your work is a masterpiece and you should treat it like one. Remember to do it for your love of music.

What is your favorite track of all time? Currently, it’s Slick Talk by JID


Why did you start making music? I’ve always been very musical. I was in a school choir, dance, I play guitar, violin, and piano. I’ve always been in tune with the music and it’s helped get me through a lot of things in life. Music is my way of releasing my emotions.


What are your upcoming gigs? Currently, I am working on a new album and merch line. I haven’t set up any upcoming gigs to focus on giving my fans the top quality music they all deserve.


What are your goals for the future?

To show the people what I’m really made of. Show them the passion I put into my work. I hope to one day may a difference not just through my music. Whether it’s staring a company or hosting events to help the world. I will be here working as hard as I can.

What advice can you give for the young music producers/DJs?  Don’t listen to people who bring you down. Surround yourself with positive people who have the same mindset, and want to see you succeed. Remind yourself what made you want to do it in the first place.


Please write a message to your fans: Thank you to my fans. Though I may not have millions. A Fan is a fan, and I will always cherish those who support me and my music. I love you guys.

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