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Exclusive Spotlight Interview with rising singer Therése Neaimé

Therése Neaimé is a Swedish-Lebanese singer-songwriter and actress with a fanbase in Europe and the Middle East. After 5 years in the U.S, 8 years in the Middle East and three album releases, she´s now back in Sweden. In addition to concerts worldwide and live performances for the King and Crown Princess of Sweden, Therése Neaimé has performed at numerous VIP events as well as on location for the troops in Afghanistan.

I believe life is about becoming the best version of ourselves. Following a path of excellence can be difficult, but not doing it scares me even more. That is why I never limited myself to being ‘just’ a singer, an actress or a speaker. Whenever I feel called to try something new, I commit to the challenge wholeheartedly. “Yes, talent is probably important, but work ethic, belief in oneself, and a positive attitude are even better predictors of a person’s success in life.”

Where are you from? I´m born in Sweden but with heritage from a Lebanese father and a Swedish mother. 


When did you start making music? Growing up as a dancer, music was always in my blood but it was not until a turned 26 that I fully followed the path of music. 


How do you describe your music? I believe my music has a modern pop/EDM sound with roots in the Swedish tradition of top songwriting and music-making. Music that combines my Swedish and Lebanese heritage, into a Scandipop hybrid. Sometimes also combined with an Arabic flavor.

Who is your biggest musical inspiration? There are so many. But to mention one I would say SADE. One of my earliest inspirational moments was to see her perform live in San Diego. I loved seeing her amazing live band on stage. I also loved the fact that she performed barefoot. Something that I have often applied ever since. I always felt that it gives me a sense of being grounded and one with the stage.


What is your producing software? We usually work in Logic. 

What other things do you do besides making music? I´m a motivational speaker and actress. As an actress, I´ve been fortunate to land some lead roles in both film and theatre. I´m also an author and recently published my book, “From dream to reality”.


What is your best-producing tip?

Always go with your gut feeling. What feels true and honest will probably touch others too.

Favorite moment from your career? 

One highlight would definitely be opening up for Simply Red on their world tour. We were lucky to have the opportunity to do a full concert of 45 min on our own in each city. An amazing opportunity since Simply Red had a huge following. To mention another moment would be our concert tour, performing for the NATO troops in Afghanistan. The most dangerous live tour I´ve done so far but also the most rewarding. To see the beautiful country of Afghanistan with your own eyes and also meet its population, will forever stay in my memory. Once again I learned that there´s no ”we and them” out there. There should only be a WE and hopefully, the world will come together as one day. Performing for the King and Crown Princess of Sweden on their state visits to Abu Dhabi was another highlight.

What is your favorite track of all time? Fields of Gold with Eva Cassidy


Why did you start making music? Growin up as a dancer I always loved being on stage. On a world tour in Mexico City, working as a background singer and dancer to a big act called Pandora, the urge to write and spread my own words called out once again. Shortly after I decided to go for my dream and applied for the Musicians Institute in Hollywood. I got accepted and moved to L.A in 1999. One of the best decisions in my life and the one where I finally became a singer/songwriter.  

What are your goals for the future? My wish is to keep making a living doing what I love the most which are music. I´ve been lucky to be in the music business for the last 20 years which is a goal achieved by itself. Hopefully, in 5 years, my songs have spread even further globally, and another world tour will have seen its daylight.

The goal is also to keep on inspiring people, be it through my music but also through my motivational speaking.

What advice can you give for the young music producers/DJs?  

Don´t be afraid to share that first draft of your new music. Even though you don´t feel it´s that excellent yet. From daring you will grow. Better to risk, share and learn from it. Without sharing my first drafts, sometimes even performing them live instantly with my own band, I would never have written the more developed songs that we release today.  

Please write a message to your fans: Ask and you might receive! Dare and you will gain!”. Being an athlete taught me that with hard work and focus you can achieve a lot. Never give up on your dreams and never let anyone tell you it´s too difficult!  

Natalia Damini
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