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SAYGRACE - Violent Crimes (Live Performance) | Vevo

Watch SAYGRACE - Violent Crimes (Live Performance) by Vevo

SAYGRACE Joins Vevo for a new exclusive live performance of “Violent Crimes

Vevo announces the release of SAYGRACE’s live performance of “Violent Crimes.” “Violent Crimes” follows her previous release of “Boys Ain’t Shit” earlier this month. A limber and soulful singer from Brisbane, Australia, Grace Sewell was born into a family with professional musician grandparents, and her brother Conrad Sewell is also a successful songwriter and recording artist. In 2015, at the age of 18, SAYGRACE signed with RCA Records and released her debut EP, Memo, which included the single “You Don’t Own Me.”

2020 saw the release of her new EP, The Defining Moments of SAYGRACE: Girlhood, Fuckboys & Situationships, which is her manifesto. On it, she’s making her personal life her business by drawing inspiration from her experiences and turning them into songs – and she’s doing it her way. Taking from her actual experiences, SAYGRACE wants to craft a message that speaks to other women about self-acceptance and taking all the time they need to figure themselves out. She wants women to know that in a world that’s always trying to shrink you, you can be as big as you want.

Watch SAYGRACE - Violent Crimes (Live Performance) by Vevo -  HERE

ABOUT VEVO: Vevo is the world’s largest all-premium music video provider, offering artists a global platform with enormous scale through its distribution partners. Vevo connects artists with their audience globally via music videos and original content, working directly with them to find unique ways to bring their music to life visually. Vevo also works with emerging artists, providing them with a platform of global scale and reach, to find and grow their audience. Reaching 26 billion monthly views globally, Vevo has over 450,000 music videos in its catalogue.

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